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Flat-Craft Game

Design by nombananas

Uploaded Tue Apr 17 2012 21:34:58 GMT+0000 (UTC)

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First PDF document: This one is JUST the rules and gameplay instructions The other PDF is for the construction of the game. Enjoy!

Second PDF document: This is for making the game the instruction for playing it are on the other PDF. It is a lot of work but lots of fun when its done! :D

Third PDF document: This is optional extras for Flat-Craft such as netherrack, wooden planks, chests villagers etc. Game play with them would be a tad complicated to work out but I'm sure it's possible. Enjoy :)

To print these do not click the picture of the game as you usually would - click the PDF symbol pictures instead. It will bring up the PDF which you then print as you would any other PDF doc.

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