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E-102 "γ" Gamma (Sonic Adventure DX)

Design by pittpenguin123

Uploaded Wed Dec 31 2014 16:14:47 GMT+0000 (UTC)

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My 30 follower special.

my most favorite character of the sonic universe i still get sad when i play the game...

E-102 Gamma is a robotic life form created by Dr. Eggman. As such, its name can refer to many characters in the Sonic universe. Nearly all E-100 models are identical in design, par slight modifications such as expanded weaponry. While they vary in rank, E-100's are considered a profound model by Eggman, and thus usually have a close role with their master, (somewhat replacing the traitorous Metal Sonic as a right-hand minion or personal muscle). Because of their form and origin, however, nearly all E-100s play a tragic role in their starring game.

E-102 Gamma, the second robot of the E-100 series line (technically third including E-100 Alpha), was created by Dr. Eggman. E-102 Gamma is powered by a captured pink Flicky held inside the robot. Although E-102 Gamma was created by and made to work under the orders of Dr. Eggman without question which involves assisting in empowering the Chaos creature, he eventually turns against his maker's will, and devotes his short existence to freeing the animals contained in the other E-100 units.

have fun papercrafting

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