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Here are the papercrafts I've made! As you can see the house IS NOT papercraft but my little people live in it. The green guy is UnspeakableGaming and the brown guy is ItsMooseCraft. If you watch either of them (on YouTube) tell me in the comments. The house has two floors. The chests DO open (if you can't see they do you might be in trouble) If you are wondering how I got the swords to stay I took rubber bands and in put the swords in. Also when my dad told me that regular paper was "to flimsy" to use I put paperboard (its what pop tart and cereal boxes are made of) on the inside. They took like 2 hrs each but it was worth it. Also the helmets I printed out that were supposed to fit them didn't so I create different my own template (printed ones were 2 cm. The one I made was 2 1/2 cm) and that's what's on there heads. Have a great day!

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