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Paper Pixels: Holiday Special

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Instead of making another episode, I decided to make a New Year's special opening the cookie portal (design by Maki, thanks Maki), which is finally finished. Also about how surprises come out of everything. Same as usual, if you want to be in the series, put your Minecraft username, so I can make you into a mini. I've already put in Pixeldoom3D, derpysquidman50, and Maki. Will put in JoyCreative. Sorry if your skin is not correct, I put the papercraft on a Google doc so I don't have to waste paper. The papercraft has been on the doc for a long time, so yeah. Hope you enjoy it. I make mistakes, so put some things you think might need some improvements. Please like. To be honest, when they all faint at the end, it looks like they're doing a backwards FLOP. Random Person: Everybody do the flop! All the minis: Flop backwards like in the video Random Person: NO THE OTHER WAY

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