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Papercraft design by robothacker


"To prevent the piston from coming all the way out of the blocks I folded the blank white squares in half twice (gluing each time) and then glued the resulting squares to the ends of the shaft (after going thru both blocks.) Piston slides thru both blocks, since the piston is one whole block long it slides at both ends to fit inside the compact cube.

I made a few mistakes on the one I made, but I corrected the pattern before uploading it. I made mine with the holes in the blocks on the flap of the boxes, the updated pattern has the holes at the bottom of the boxes (that all the other flaps attach to.) Also since I am using tab and slots, I accidentally cut 2 joining sides as slots, I have that joint held together with tape.

All the blocks I have are standard 20 lb 8.5 by 11 paper. Some of them are tab and slot (preferred for faster construction), some I've glued together and some are both (the piston for example, I glued it together by using a toothpick to put glue in the joints.) I cut them out with an Exacto knife on scrap cardboard as a cutting board. I use Elmers school glue (regular white glue) usually with a toothpick to apply it.

I tried using scissors but the inside corners are a pain. I tried a glue stick but too stiff."

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