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  • Glue (to glue body parts together)
  • Sticky Tape or Glue (to stick each part together)
  • Scissors (to cut out the pieces)
  • Craft knife (to cut out the holes in the mid section)


  1. Carefully cut out the base, crease along the folds and assemble.

  2. Carefully cut out the head, crease along the folds and assemble.

  3. Carefully cut out the arms, crease along the folds and assemble. This is a little difficult because the arms are quite narrow. Also note that the X, Y and Z tabs fold forward while the other tabs fold backward.

  4. Cut out the mid section

  5. Use a craft knife to cut out the arm holes

  6. Crease along the folds, and stick all sides of the mid section together but don’t stick Side B yet. Side B will be the top part.

  7. Now we're going to join the arms to the mid section. This is the hardest part of this design but if you go slowly it should be fine.

    Spread out tabs X, Y and Z and on the white side of those tabs (where there are no letters) and stick on a large piece of sticky tape. The tape should be a cover all of the tabs.

    Next, carefully push the arm through the mid section arm hole from the inside out. This is a bit tricky, but once you get it in then the large piece of tape should hold the arm in place.

    See the diagram in the printout.

  8. Close up Side B of the Mid Section

  9. Glue together the head, mid section and base

  10. And you're done!

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