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This is a game I made up when I came back from Melbourne.

Page 1: move the creatures on to separate pages. you need 5-10 normal zombies and 5-10 of the zombies that look like Steve. You need 5-10 of the zombies in chain mail armor and make 5 of both the zombies covered in black stuff. Then make 1-3 of the grey zombie in the dark blue shirt and 1-3 of the pigmen with goggles on. Make 1-3 creepers and 5 of each spider. Also make 6 skeletons and zombie pigmen. Last, make 2 of the short green creature with uneven arms.

Page 2: Print 15-30 of the 3x3 grass and stick it on cardboard. That is the ground. Print as many of the wooden planks as you want and use those as your house, but DON'T stick them together. Print only 1 of Steve and his weapons.

Page 3: Sorry about the useless white space. Print that page once, because those are the dice.

Page 4: These are blocks for the pigman engineer. These will be explained along the way. Print 1 of these or 2 if you want.


This game is for 2-4 players. One person is Steve and one person is the mobs. If you do 4 player, print 2 steves and 2 people are them, and 2 people pley as the mobs. You decide who goes first. You roll the dice that says about steps. If you are Steve then you move that many blocks. Then the other player has their turn. The aim of the game is to see how long Steve can survive.


Zombie & Steve Zombie= 10 health
Zombie nearly completely covered in black stuff= 10 health
Zombie with barely any clothes covered in black stuff= 18 health
Zombie in chain mail armor= 18 health
Grey zombie with smaller nose: 50 health
Steve= 50 health
All other creatures: 10 health
Short green creature: 30 health

As the mobs team, you roll the steps dice and move all the creatures that many steps. On your first turn you place 3 creatures. When they are all dead you add on 3, so you would have 6 creatures on the 2nd turn... You must place them 13 or more blocks away from Steve's house. If any creature of Steve is 1 block away from eachother, you roll the dice with numbers. That is how much damage you do. That is how creatures die. Some creatures have special abilities.

Special abilities:

Grey zombie with short nose: does 2x damage and can attack from 3 blocks away

Short green creature: Can attack from 7 blocks away and can destroy a wooden plank block from 7 blocks away

Skeleton: can attack from 5 blocks away

Creeper: If 1 block in front of Steve remove 3x3 grass you are on and move Steve to the nearest 3x3 grass. No creature or Steve can go in that empty space

All spiders: Can climb up walls. You can use a turn to climb up blocks in front of you and place spider on top block of wall

Blue spider: If Steve is within 8 blocks of him, you can automatically move to block in front of him

Slightly dull spider with orange eyes: Every 3 turns you can make a normal spider

Pigman Engineer: You can use up a turn to place 1 block with ladders on it. Any creature can use up a turn to climb up if in front of it. Do it like with Spider.

Zombie Pigman: does 2x damage

Zombie covered in black stuff: If 1 block in front of Steve, move Steve back 2 blocks and kill the Zombie

Zombie in black stuff with barely any clothes: same as other black zombie but move back 4 blocks If any creature is one block in front of house, you can remove a house block on your turn as one of the creatures.

Put all ZOMBIES in one pile, put all SPIDERS in 1 pile, put all OTHER CREATURES in 1 pile. When you place all the creatures on your turn, you place 3 zombies 1 spider and 2 other creatures. If you can only place 3 or 6 creatures, only place zombies.This game is not that good and you can add more rules in comments

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