Grass Hill

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This is a Minecraft Papercraft Design I did (It's the left one in this photo:

IMPORTANT! The size of the model is A4 so, to have a 10.4cm per side model, you must print in A4 format

Hpw to do it: This model is done in 4 pieces (2 for each paper). It's not too much complicated, but you will need some patience to finish it. I think you will know how to bend it watching the photo.

The tabs: tabs are... strange. I made tabs this way because I don't like white lines on my models, and colored tabs are better fot this. So, why that strange tabs? With large tabs, you can glue each part separately or one by one.

You must cut tabs from the outer corner to the inner corner and bend them. It seems difficult, but it isn't.

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