Star Wars Ludo (Board Game)

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This Star Wars Ludo is a great thing for papercrafter who like Star Wars.

We thank sheeper for the model of the R2D2 unit.

To make it, print, cut and glue all the parts in the files at the bottom and put them like the picture of the game we uploaded. For the playing field, we would recommend to glue it on thick paper or something like that.


The aim of this game is to bring all 4 characters to the last fields (4 fields in a row with the characters symbol). You start the game with throwing the dice 3 times or until you have a 6. When you have a 6, throw the dice again. If you have characters on your start fields left, you have to clean up the field and set the character to another position (the the throwed number clockwise). If you throw a 6 you have to set another character out (if you have some at home). In the case you have no characters home left, you may move a character. Another thing is, that you may throw out the character of other players. You may not move a character to a field where another character of you stands.

Harder Rules:

You have to throw out the character of another player if you can (and may), otherwise, your own character has to move home.

Have much fun with it,


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