Elemental Creepers (Version 2)

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Okay, as the IMMENSELY popular Elemental Creepers designs were made by a great person called papercrafter, I realized the legs did not go diagonal unlike lostminer's and some, just some pixels were in the wrong place. So I vowed to make a NEW DESIGN from this. I apologize if the tabs are 2 pixels thick, and if pixels are outstreched, I used the texture from the original design. Happy papercrafting!


  1. Dark Creeper
  2. Earth Creeper
  3. Lightning Creeper
  4. Fire Creeper
  5. Friendly Creeper
  6. Ice Creeper
  7. Illusion Creeper
  8. Light Creeper
  9. Lava Creeper
  10. Psychic Creeper
  11. Reverse Creeper (Tom)
  12. Water Creeper
  13. Cookie Creeper.

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