Witch-Villager (An egg's guide to Minecraft episode 12)

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This was made because I really liked the Witch villager from "an eggs guide to minecraft". This villager is unique, it has a very pale purple colored robe, although there are many dark spots on the robe, acts like many villagers do, except he has 2 minds. One is a witch, the other is a villager. Those two guys are stuck together, being combined into a Witch-Villager; hencing the pale purple robe, pale-ish skin, and pale-ish green eyes. That is when it is in villager-witch form.I might make a witch-villager form, which is like a normal witch except without a green stripe. I made this one because I really liked it. Note that both forms do not have pimples on their noses. Link to episode 12:


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