sumo ring game

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this is a bored game by blazeglazed. i got the skins at planet minecraft and edited them both. this is a game that you try to push sumo's apart and they fly out of the ring. have fun with my new and first bored game

rule's how to play sumo ring

1.make the sumo's in the download out of cardboard or put the paper the around cardboard

2.put a north magnet and a north magnet to face [on the inside of the sumo's] face,use glue!

3.doing this makes the magnets push apart [if you did it right!]

4.print the sumo ring

5.put the sumo's in the ring looking at each other

6.push the sumo's together [not to hard!] and lift your hands!

7.doing this makes the sumo's push apart [if done right!]

8.if the sumo's jumped backwards it worked find the winner, the sumo that got pushed out the most/out of the ring looses

10.if both of the sumo's get pushed out it's a tie

                                 have fun with blazeglazed
                                        'sumo ring'

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