Minecart Race: A Minecraft Board-Game

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My first design!

Pages 2-3 are the board, (Print at least 2 of each or more for 2 or more players.)

Pages 4-6 are the Instructions (Optional to print.)

Page 7 is the requirement page (Print 2 or more, just 1 dice required. Edit in your Local paint program).

To make it portable, tape JUST the bottom of the boards and put the pieces somewhere safe after use, like ziplock bags.

Credit to Boe6eod7nty for the minecart design (Thanks!). Check out his cool designs here: http://pixelpapercraft.com/user/boe6eod7nty .

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Inside of Minecart not Included. I know theres a problem with the half and empty hearts which I'll fix and make the hearts represent your health( the hearts should be in squares).

Also I know it's not accurate minecraft stuff but it makes it harder and better! And there's an error on the 3rd instructions page with the text with black background, it's because I deleted the background for the instructions so i had to use the one from the 2nd and cover the subtitle.

Please don't tell me your're confused with the hearts because you should know 1 half heart is 1 heart in Minecraft.

PS I'm Spiderbloxcraft but my other account on pixelpapercraft didn't receive an activation e-mail so i had to use my brother's e-mail.

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