Wither Skeleton with Sword

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Other versions on the site are incorrect, this one is correct. To make: the ribs part, cut out all white parts, fold to make a rectangle. Glue the two parts together, using the spine supports or wire for support. Then, fold the colored tabs so the color will face down, these are for the head. The lower torso (it says fold into one tab), you must create a box without a top that has only color wherever you look (there will be no white parts on the box). The rib part goes with the spine glued on the lower torso. If you look at the picture the ribs are above the box part. The arm with the sword is made the same as the other arms and legs, but you must create it so there is a part missing for the sword. You can make the sword just 2D, but if you want you can make it 3D. Cut the two swords apart, then fold the edges of the sword according to how the sword's edge is. Glue the tabs to the sword, then glue the other sword on it to make it 3D. However, cutting out each tab is very time consuming so I would just get cardboard that is the same thickness as one pixel. And cut it out so it's a sword and glue each sword on each side. Then, glue the edges on without the tabs since you use the cardboard for the edge. The legs of the skeleton are small so I put some wire for the base. Please ask questions if this isn't clear to you.

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