Lego Enderdragon

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Lego Enderdragon! 15sub SPECIAL!!!

THANKYOU EVERYONE FOR 15 SUBS! VERY HAPPY! this is my special for it! THE LEGO ENDERDRAGON! pieces: Piece with face: body, grey piece: bottom wing part, 2x2 black piece: upper wing, 1x2 blank: tail, 1x2 with one stud: base for tail, tall black body piece: legs. legs x4, body x1, upper wing x2, tail x1, tail base x1, grey lower wing x2. Attach all legs to body and on the end of the body add the tail base then add the tail on it. for the front of the body add one end of each lower wing and on the ends of the lower wings away from the body add the upper wings then your done! Hardest and biggest lego figure!

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