Minecraft Villa

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This design has two PDF files - you will need to download both.

  • The first PDF contains the main Villa design. You need to print this.
  • The second PDF contacts the plans on how to build. You do not need to print this - you can just use it as an reference on your computer.

As platform, use a 28,5 cm to 20 cm paper sheet from thick paper. We made this from normal paper (80g/m³), but we would prefer to use a little bit harder paper because it probably would look better.

Now to the model itself:

  1. The flowers or mushrooms at page 6 are optional. You can also use a horse, a sheep, a pig or every other animal or decoration instead of it.
  2. The decoration inside the house is also optional. Instead of the crafting table, you could use every other block.
  3. On page 17 and 18 there are colored patches. Glue the matching colors from each page together, then you'll have two completed parts, glue them together again.
  4. Put the stand between the bottom and the first layer.

If you want to use another block, you always should scale it. Just make every block side to a square of 2cm to 2cm. Then put it to an image with 1123 to 794 pixels and 96 dpi. After you saved it, you can print it with landscape settings on your printer. We are sorry that we can't provide more things. If you have good ideas to improve the design, just write it to the comments and we will think about it. If we take it to our design, please don't expect we will approve it fast because we will just upload every one to two weeks. This is because every time we change it, the design may be unavailable. If you have problems with building it or if there are missing parts, pleas also write this into the comments.

To use the PDF files, just set your printing settings to landscape and print it out.

The plans how to build also are also attached in the second PDF file. The numbers on the pieces are to identify the piece and make it easier to build the house. The roof isn't directly described in the plans. Just put the stairs together (one part with both stick sides and 4 with one of it). Then glue it to the front and back part. How to set just look at the pictures of the completed house.

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