Mini Village Small House

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Okay so it should be working now....finished picture coming soon!

This is a mini version of a small village house that naturally generates in Minecraft. This is created entirely by using textures and blocks that Maki made. It should look nice since all the different textures have their own piece, and there's no weird looking cutoffs.

Things that are a bit weird :P ⇒ • I know the glass should be a glass pane, but it would be a hassle to make the wall have a hole in it, but if you want me to change it let me know (it's mostly just me being lazy) • There are two doors because one is easy to make, and the other is advanced, just thought I would give you a choice, (if your to lazy to make the advanced one :P)...........(I was) • The mini non-advanced door was actually made by minicraft. • This does not include fences since (cough cough) Maki has not made them yet and they would be difficult to make. • The roof and bottom were too big to fit on one piece of paper so I made it the rest of it on another piece, now you actually have to think! (D:)

Instructions ⇒

  1. All the parts that go together are labeled with letters corresponding to where they go.
  2. The tabs for hole for the door (sounds like a poem) fold inwards, and the "paneling" gets placed on them, I couldn't think of some other fancy folding way that would work with the space.
  3. If you want, you could not glue the posts to anything but the roof (connection A) and then you would be able to lift the roof off and move your mini's around. (and get them out xD)
  4. Everything can be printed normally in portrait.
  5. Doors are optional...really hard to make...yeah.

That's about it, let me know if there's anything that needs fixing!

NEW Fixed some stuff like: Fixed some scaling which makes better printing! - Some other asthetic stuffs.

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