Steve V2

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I wanted to make a papercraft Steve that didn't look so default. Then i turned to the minecraft shelter pack for help (this story was a long time ago) then i tried making it. it was easy but.. the arm kept falling apart! yes kept is a word and the red squiggles didn't torture me. so i said just.. one... word... SCANNER! i went back in the past, told my self to scan it before making it, and left! now.. we got this.. i put the skin(s) down below along with the original file if you want to make a wolf, squid, villager, mini, ETC, or.. go through the torture i did with the arm.. so this is the end of my description but wait! one more thing! this is (ihope) my first (approved!) design! i hope you like this thing i DID NOT COPY THE PIXELS ONE BY ONE i just copied, pasted, downsized to fit on steve skin, and make it!

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