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Army Soldier (Based on Day Z Soldier)

Design by papercraftaddict123

Uploaded Sat Apr 26 2014 03:22:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

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Biggest credit in the whole world to sniperking20's design of the modern soldier, only because I can't find the person who made the Day Z soldier, which was what this is based off of, credit to papperboy for the pistol and wwojmg for the M4A1 machine gun. The rest, I made on my own. I STRONGLY suggest that you follow this guideline for the objects that have been carefully created by me (not being ego-centric) so you don't mess anything up. Some parts (guns, land mine, gun clips, night vision goggles, radio) might be a bit confusing at first, but you'll probably understand later. Let's get started in alphabetical order: A. Grenades B. Pistol C. 3D chestplate D. Bomb detonator E. Comlink (attach to side of head with no white rectangle) F. Infrared vision extension (attach to white rectangle on side of head) G. Land mine (stack darker section under lighter section, then knob [brown thing] on top of that H. Head I. Body J. 3D arm patches K. 3D glasses L. SMG M. His right arm, not yours N. His left arm O. Smoke bombs P. Night vision (glue optic expansions [extra little things] according to colored squares, darker spots represent what's thicker than the rest, spots show how the goggles need to be applied) P.S. Sorry for not inputting a strap to attach it to the head Q. Radio, antenna goes wherever you choose on sides or top R. His right leg S. His left leg T. 3D leg extensions, put on according to situation U. Plastique (explosives), goes with bomb detonator, I hope the pic I put there helps V. Pistol clips W. SMG clips I have taken pics over the course of me making this, but I have 35 or so pictures, or too much to post at once, so if you wanna know what something looks like, email me at maxxor.million@hotmail.com and I could send you the desired picture as an attached file. Some of these parts are optional, so if you wanna remove them, open the blueprints in whatever photo-editing program you have on your device and removed the part(s) that you don't want. Good luck and happy papercrafting! (Remember to comment if you want a problem fixed. Likes and views are appreciated, too. Gives me bragging rights.)

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