Advanced Mini House with Furniture

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Before we start: Huge credits to Maki, who made a lot of the textures and some blocks!

This mini house doesn't have a back wall, so you can look in your house. you can take the roof of so you can place all the chairs, paintings, item frame with diamonds, but also crafting tables and that kind of stuff. It has a lot of pages, but it isn't too hard to make. just follow the letters. It costs a lot of time to built, but it's fun to do. -8 pages

you can place everything how you want it to be and you can also print some other things from Maki's profile, like melons or pumpkins, etc.

I know that the thumbnail is a bit big, but if i made it smaller you wouldn't be able to see it.

If you want to make it, watch this video where i show you the house:

I hope you enjoy :D -jojesper

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