Stereo Madness 3D Diorama (Geometry Dash)

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Here is a simple 3D version of Stereo Madness from Geometry Dash. Assembly instructions included. You will need cardboard and super glue if you want the diorama to stand on its own. Next I will create Hexagon Force to celebrate the new update!

Word guide to the instructions:
Step 1: Acquire cardboard and trim it to the size of the background.
Step 2: Glue the background onto the cardboard.
Step 3: Cut out the platform pieces and assemble them together like shown.
Step 4: Connect the platform pieces so they look like this.
Step 5: Create the platform.
Step 6: Glue the platform onto the background.
Step 7: Super glue is highly recommended for this step! Create 2 large triangles from the cardboard scraps and glue them onto the back of the background.
Step 8: Cut out the accessories.
Step 9: Create the accessories.
Step 10(The thumbnail/first page.): Glue on the accessories, and you're done! 

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