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This is by far the largest design I've ever made. It took me a few months to design and make. :l But here we are with my 500 followers special!

Anyway, here is a regular-sized wooden house with a roof! There is an inside where you can add your own furniture and decorations! A flower box is also included. Now Steve won't have to live in that old dirt house anymore!


  • My version of the design has a few modifications so the pictured image may differ from what you will actually make.
  • You can use the roof pieces and turn them into stadium bleachers.
  • The windows will NOT be transparent unless you specifically make them with transparency.

Don't forget to add a door some torches, maybe torch flame particles, and decorations!

Originally based off of Jojesper's Mini Advanced House. Added roof and modified size.

Good luck with this.

The assembly should be pretty self-explanatory.


9 Feb 2014 - Converted all of the pages to the same dimensions. Improved fold lines on the roof.

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