Mini Creepers (Special Mobs Mod)

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All the Mini Creepers from the Special Mobs Mod (plus an extra one! :D)

Credits to lostminer for the original mini Creeper and the mini Skeleton and credits to ronaldomario for the mini leather armor.

Thumbnail by PopularMMOs.

Link to the mod:

Creepers list:

  1. Armored Creeper (Credits to ronaldomario for the mini leather armor)

  2. Dark Creeper

  3. Death Creeper

  4. Dirt Creeper

  5. Doom Creeper (Credits to lostminer for the mini skeleton)

  6. Doom Creeper (old texture, extra one)

  7. Drowning Creeper

  8. Ender Creeper

  9. Fire Creeper

  10. Jumping Creeper

  11. Lightning Creeper

  12. Splitting Creeper

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