tf2 guns and gear

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1e cozy Camper. 2e Razorback. 3e Disguise kit. 4e Wrangler. 5e scout JetPak with blue cans (made up). 6e medic kit (made up). 7e Syringe Gun. 8e Chargin' Targe. 9e Gunslinger. 10e Construction PDA. 11e Teleporters. 12e Submachine Gun.

medic kit is very hard. the jet pack is fore scout with jet cans. the eneneer Wrangler is also very hard. the Teleporters you need a wooden stik to turn it. Chargin' Targe dident fit on the foto it is just a schild with a spike on it the black ting is to put on papercraft arm.

here you can find all the tf2 wapens

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