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Mini Skeleton Armour: Part 1 of Mob Armour Series

Design by toast

Uploaded Sun Nov 30 2014 16:40:28 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

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Hey! I'm in the process of making a bunch of mob armor. Call it a series, if you will. This is the first part of it. I call this 'Skeleton Armor' but it can be called a Skeleton suit or a costume or whatever, but I'm just gonna be honest---armor sounds the coolest. So yeah.


  1. Cut out the design. If you wish, you can use an Exact-o Knife to cut eyeholes out and cut the white out of the ribs. You'll need to do some experimenting to see what works for you to cut out.
  2. Crease along the lines indicated and fold the tabs. (I did make the tabs but for some reason I didn't think to make them match color... xP)
  3. Fold and glue.
  4. Put it on your mini! There are no need for armholes because the armor is in two parts and the arms go right inbetween them.

As you can see, on one of them I cut out eye holes and the other I didn't. It might take some practice to make, mine surely aren't perfect, but it's relatively easy. If you wish to attach the bow to their hand, take a REALLY tiny bit of glue (I used it from a gluestick) and lightly stick it onto the hand unless you want it to be permanent. When you want to take it off, peel it very slowly and gently.

So yeah. Leave a like and comment! ;)

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