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Creeper Armour (2 Versions): Part 2 in Mob Armor Series

Design by toast

Uploaded Fri Dec 05 2014 19:56:15 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

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Hi! I'm back again with my Mob Armor Series Part 2. This is Creeper Armor. I have two versions so you can be a more humanoid creeper (that's almost an oxymoron) or look exactly like one. In the picture, there are 3 creepers there. 1 is obviously armor but the other two, not so mucho. The one next to the obvious one is armor, it has a mini Steve under it that you can't see. But anyway, 2 versions so you can look different for each one. (I honestly like the one in 2 parts.)

Also, just a note, if these don't fit I'll resize them. My printer went wonky and when I tried to print my design out it made it smaller. I then copy pasted a Steve into Microsoft Word and printed it so it'd fit. If it doesn't work for standard mini size, I'll resize it. (I'll probably check anyway, but if this gets uploaded before I have a chance...)

Thanks, you guys, for helping me get this approved!

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