Griefer Creeper

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Hello All!!! I made a made up creeper called the Griefer Creeper! so heres the info if its in the game

Name : Griefer creeper Scientific name : grieficus Boomicus type : Neutral

Info : the Griefer Creeper is as tall as 3 blocks but if it used the tnt on its head it will be 2 blocks high. The Griefer Creeper will search for a indoor house (eg : Players home,Village) and if it reaches said building it will blow up,but not like regular creepers it will place down tnt.first the tnt on its chest,second on its chest,third on its head, the first 2 are small holes about 4x4x2 , but the one on the head causes and explosion of a normal tnt,if half of the said house does not blow up completely it will blow up it self like a normal creeper but if half of the said building is destroyed it will search for valuable loot from the wreckage will only attack if attacked

Drop : 0-3 TNT , 0-2 gunpowder , 0-1 chest , Loot that it took from the last building

========================================================================================= these are the people that told me to upload

PRIMEmc : "Yes, please upload it."

TszRoyal : "Must upload soo cool I really want to make a creeper army MUHAHAHA amazing design extravagant people plz like really cool there is only one like"

Toast Upload it! That is so awesome! I would make it as soon as you upload it! It takes something for me to make something non-mini, mostly because I'm not good at it. But this is so cool that I wouldn't be able to do anything except make it! I can't wait 'til it's up. :) GREAT design!


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