Project Mini Terraria: Skeletron (Boss)

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Deep in the depths of the Dungeon, paces an old man who's name is unknown... He asks you to lift his curse by killing his master, Skeletron...DUN DUN DUNN. Anyways, sorry for the lack of designs lately... couldnt think of anything to make. :P but then I started playing this awesome game called Terraria, (lol and same with FNAF) and it gave me SOO many ideas :)

BTW also leave a like for the thumbnail, I added something special to it :) BONUS: (ATTENTION) In the game, the boss' arms seem to be floating between his skull and the ground, so, for this you will need string or, most common, floss. Use the additional pixels I put in and glue the floss (or string) to the pixels. Then glue the pixels to the actual design. (You should glue it to the sides of the jaw part) More Terraria designs are coming soon! BTW you might need some tape for the floss, cuz It might be difficult to glue.

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