Magnavox Odyssey

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The Magnavox Odyssey. It was the first home video game console ever made, released in 1972. It looked like a spaceship, and its controllers looked like toasters. The wires to the controllers were short, bulky, and inflexible. However, the wire that connected the Odyssey to the TV was so long it was ridiculous. However, the long TV wire did serve beneficial to guys who didn't want to get out of their couch's well-maintained butt groove to turn off the console. In other words, me. Now, the Odyssey didn't have a power button; it turned on when you inserted a cartridge. Speaking of the cartridges, they were about as basic as they could get. Now, about the games, all you got on the screen was a little dash that you could move around. It's especially fun when you have two cats at home. I'm not joking, it's absolutely hilarious, seeing them bat at the TV.

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