Chargin' Targe (Team Fortress 2)

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The Chargin' Targe is an unlockable secondary weapon for the Demoman. It is an antique, blood-stained wooden shield with a painted yellow cross and reinforced by an iron rim with bolts and a deadly center spike. A portion of the shield is missing and splintered. The main function of this weapon is its Charge ability. Pressing the alternate fire button initiates a charge attack; the player will move forward at an extremely fast pace, but will be unable to change direction (unless using Ali Baba's Wee Booties or Bootlegger, though the player will turn slowly). Attacking at any time during a charge with a melee weapon will immediately end the charge. If the player bumps into an enemy at the end of the charge, the impact will knock them back and deal 50 damage, with an additional 10 damage for each head collected by the Eyelander, Horseless Headless Horsemann's Headtaker or Nessie's Nine Iron, if the player has one of them equipped, capping out at 5 heads to an additional 50 damage or 100 damage total. It is possible to charge even while airborne or underwater. The strength of the charge is indicated in a meter in the HUD which changes color as it depletes. Using a melee weapon in conjunction with the charge will provide extra damage potential. For example, when the meter is white or green, a melee attack will only do normal damage. At the yellow color, essentially half of the charge distance, striking will add mini-crit damage. Finally, moving the full distance and attacking at red will give it a full-power critical hit. Additionally, disregarding distance charged, you still get a melee crit swing immediately after bashing into a player (no damage bashes work as well). While charging, any enemy in the direct path will be bashed by the Chargin' Targe provided the player does not end the charge prematurely by attacking. The Targe cannot replenish its charge meter using ammo crates; however, it can be replenished through respawn and resupply cabinets. When charging with a Grenade Launcher, Loch-n-Load, Loose Cannon, or Iron Bomber, the glowing effect will occur as with a melee weapon, but it will only do normal damage upon firing and will not cancel the charge. A Chargin' Targe dropped on death does not provide ammunition. Additionally, the Targe provides the wearer with +50% fire resistance, +40% explosive resistance, and afterburn immunity. The Chargin' Targe is automatically given to any player who obtains 5 Demoman achievements.

Borrowed (Stolen) from the official TF2 wiki

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