Mini Creeper Golem

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So, here: and here oxfighter and lucioloco uploaded a photo of a made up "Mini Creeper Golem" which had said had no design. WELL NOW THERE IS!! Basically this just makes it look a little better and excludes the use of tape. You do not have to use it and can make it with normal minis if you want. I did not make this from scratch.

Credit to the following:

lucioloco (original idea and model)

oxfighter (idea and model as I only saw his photo not lucioloco's, sorry),

lostminer, (Normal mini)

and gootube2000 (red eye mini)

I haven't uploaded lately as I have been busy with school projects, this, a SkyBlock on a server and have been distracted from papercraft for a while. Please like as it took me 3 goes to perfect the arms and I had to get it approved. (Quite a while ago, actually.)

Sorry about any rants/suggestions that lucioloco made it first, I wasn't aware when I started the design.

This is my first design so I hope you like! ;)

P.S. The mini creeper in the thumbnail is just like :o I wanna be like dat

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