Arrows (1.9)

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These are the new arrows that will be added in 1.9, they are in order:

  • Spectral Arrow, makes anything you hit have an outline. (if you hit a mob, you will be able to see it from behind a wall, the outline color changes based on the team the entity / player is in, ex.: Red team = Red outline, Blue team = Blue outline, etc.)

  • Poison Arrow

  • Slowness Arrow

  • Fire Resistance Arrow

  • Water Breathing Arrow

  • Weakness Arrow

  • Levitation? There are no purple potions in the game at the moment...

  • Invisibility Arrow

  • Strength Arrow

  • Healing Arrow

  • Regeneration Arrow

Note: I edited the design to make it appear as my latest design.

Other search terms: Potion Arrows - Potion Arrow

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