Project Super Smash Bros (Dorito 140/Perro300) kid icarus

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hello friends how are pixelpapercraft? I am perro300 and wanted to tell you that the last day of vacation we went dorito140 and I but we are back with more papercraft. this day I bring a kid or pit Icarus with which I am very good at playing in ssbb and here is the description.

The Kid Icarus universe refers to the Smash Bros. series' collection of characters, stages, and properties that hail from Nintendo's cult classic Kid Icarus games. The two games in this action/adventure/platformer series were released for NES and Game Boy over 20 years ago, and Kid Icarus received positive reviews back in the day. The third and most recent addition in the series was released for the Nintendo 3DS. The star of the series is a young angel knight named Pit.

I hope you liked this design remind them leave their observations like your comment us and we can ask papercrafts ssb their favorite characters and see you next time.

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