Shulker (1.9 real texture)

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Shulkers (Shell Lurkers) are new hostile mobs that will appear in the 1.9 Update. It is hinted that it will appear in the End in the new End City, it also will come along with Chorus Trees and Chorus Fruits. A Shulker will look like a block until the player gets too close. When that happens its shell will lift off. Being hit by the Shulker will give the player a 10 second levitation effect. This effect will be very useful as that allows the player to fly up the End City if he/she keeps getting hit. The thing is that if the effects runs out on the player when he/she is in mid-flight, he/she can sustain heavy fall damage.

differences from maki's -brighter -real texture -correct name

p.s. Shulk(er) is feeling it

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