Mini Structure Block (1.9 / 5 versions / improved? / different than PRIMEmc ones)

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Original versions by PRIMEmc, I added a question mark in the title because his versions are good too and I recommend you to check them out! :)

I've also added again the in-game images of the new block.

I've already wrote some informations about it in my normal size design version of the Structure Block, and you can find them here: Structure Block design (by me).

But here's some new cool (and useless) informations! :D Did you know that the font used in the Structure Block letters is Calibri with a 12 pixels size? Also the color is pure white (RGB = 255,255,255) and the letters are in CAPS LOCK, but I guess that's pretty obvious.

I know these informations because I tried to figure out how to make the font more accurate for the mini version of the block by searching for its font type, size and color first and then resizing it to half its size, and I found it out by mistake. :D

Informations about the new snapshot (and block) here: Wiki page about the snapshot 15w31a.

Note: to get the block in-game you have to type this command in the chat (but you can't get it in your inventory anyways): /setblock ~ ~ ~ structure_block X (the X means that you can put a number from 0 to 3 to get different versions of the block: 0 = S , 1 = L , 2 = C , 3 = D )

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