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Neon Creeper

Design by alex123

Uploaded Tue Sep 01 2015 13:14:50 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

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Made up - 50-Follower special

The Neon Creeper is a boss triggered 5% of the time when you kill a charged creeper. The neon creeper has 60 health points (30 hearts) and 0 defense. The neon creeper can fly (to an extent) and blows up without killing itself. It is immune to fire, and upon touching it will instantly create a huge charged creeper explosion. after hitting 30 health (15 hearts) it will turn invisible and will not fly. The only way to see it is to look carefully at the particles.

Drops: 2-5 obsidian, 0-1 splash potion of invisibility, 0-1 potion of invisibility, 1-2 diamond, 5-10 gunpowder, 2-5 tnt

Credits to brickyboy and canadacraft for creeper generator (I used but not mainly)

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