3D Poisonous Potion Design

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I havent uploaded in more than a few months, so here is my newest design! its a half made up half real design. Based off of the in game minecraft photo below, and also based off of the flat minecraft poison potion. 3D potions have been in popular demand for a while, once the 3D health potion was uploaded, but it was actually just 1 pixel thick. These are potions that can stand up on their own, and your player can drink them. :)

Leave requests below for more 3D objects!

Thumbnail Credit: Mats


Congratulations to Mats for being the first one (besides me) to create any 3D potion model!

For more potions, go here: http://pixelpapercraft.enjin.com/profile/13288137 Scroll down. A lot. until you reach other designs. :D Have fun papercrafting!


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