Dogmeat (Fallout 4)

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Dogmeat (named Dog until the player character speaks to Mama Murphy about his true name or until he finds Kellogg) is a dog living in the Commonwealth.


race: Dog sex: Male affiliation: Sole Survivor role: Companion location: Sanctuary Hills, Red Rocket truck stop - initial


urrently, no information is known about Dogmeat's past and whether or not he had an owner. However, Mama Murphy tells the Sole Survivor the dog's name, suggests that he was traveling with Preston Garvey's group and reveals that Dogmeat was sent out to look for help when they became trapped in Concord, which would imply that he belonged to either Preston Garvey himself, or the Minutemen in general. True to this suggestion, if Dogmeat is recruited at Red Rocket, he will try to move toward Concord when standing still, although ultimately where the Sole Survivor goes is up to them and this can be ignored.

In addition, several other dogs can be recruited as companions with the same characteristics as Dogmeat. These include varying breeds such as the mongrel, rottweiler, and boxer. One has to find an NPC named Gene and he will offer to sell the dog for 250 caps after a medium speech check (for the Rottweiler and Boxer).

To obtain a mongrel, one has to wander around non-populated areas such as forests around Sanctuary Hills. An injured mongrel will be encountered and the player has the option to stimpak him. The Sole Survivor will dub the mongrel Sparky and will then become a companion. However, if a companion is already present, the mongrel will glitch and not be available for recruitmen

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