The Fallen Child (Undertale)

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[i] The first human to fall past the barrier at Mt. Ebott. She befriended the child of the King and Queen; Asriel Dreemurr. One day, she became ill and had one request: To see the golden flowers of her town. Asriel aborbed her soul and tried to go to the town, but the townsfolk attacked him, brutally wounding him. He made it back to his home, where he died, his dust spreading across the golden flowers. [/i]

I've made two designs of The Fallen Human: One to look like her ingame sprite, and a second one based off a custom sprite I made of her. Both designs come with The Locket (Which I made myself), and the Real Knife (Based of the Steam Badge of it.) Both designs are identical in building, just the textures for them have been changed abit. Credits to MaxPapercraft for The Protagonist design, which I used as a base! ^W^

(Also guys don't get mad at me for calling The Fallen Human a girl, its just how I think her gender is, ok?)

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