Anime Blaze (Cute Mob Models)

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The blaze from Cute Mob Models Mod. I'd like to say sorry because i didn't have time to make the blaze rods stands. But i did put them in the design. You can try to make one with serval paperclips and stuff. Anyway,thanks to Luc Bouwer for the suggestion. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) #lenny2016

yarrmateys' cute mob models mod:

Update: Ok, guys, so it turns out i had time to make the rods stands. Well, I know, it's not that neat. You can try to make a good one by yourself. Also, i found out that i forgot to make the tabs for the rods, which is now added, and also i've simplify the helmet/hat thing.

Update: 24 May 2017 by pittpenguin123

  • Fixed long neck
  • Updated photo



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