More Slimes! 2 (Slime Carnage mod!)

Uploaded by aneliomo
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So after a long time i could finish this slimes, more comming next week.
Slimes included:
-Vampire(Dracula) Slime (Found in mod texture files)
-Farmer Slime
-Creeper Slime
-Other Green Slime (Found in mod texture files)
The textures here used are the ones in the first link, the one mod version that is for 1.2.5 mc ver
And the link to the mod:
(As far as i searched there is now a newer version of slime carnage mod: )
PD: There is another version of these slimes, but the diference is i used the JD template (The deser slime one )
And i also did the textures pixel by pixel.
NOTE: I Couldn't find a pic showcasing the other slimes on the mod, so for now i will only upload the Creeper Slime one 'till i find a picture for the other, some pics are a bit oversized (Like the thumbail xD)

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