The Mask of the Witch-King of Angmar (The Lord of the Rings)

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Hello everyone. I've been working on getting the scaling right for a while now, because I hand drew my first template for this (reason why the one in the picture is identical, yet much larger). Making it is simple, but if you guys need a video on how to make this, I may be able to make one. FIRSTLY: the printed design is very small on regular-sized paper, not really big enough for any face. SECONDLY: you will need tape (UGH) for the batwing/concave sections. There are very similar designs I've seen online, but they didn't really have the concave pieces, or were devided up into thirty different pieces. My suggestion is to make the whole thing around the forehead/noseguards, as in, hide all the color dots behind the other pieces. AND LASTLY: I would suggest covering the whole thing in light cardboard, like cereal box cardboard, once you're finished. P.S- What do you guys want for my 20 follower special?



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