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[MCPC 1.11] | All 4 types

Hello everyone!

As you know well, I'm Scrillrock and I'm very proud to present you...

The new Llama mob from the currently snapshot 1.11 version of MCPC... in Mini versions! =D How awesome is that?

I found out about 1.11 a few days after it was released and it seems that people here aren't taking a break from designs! XD Since school just started for me, I'm really busy so I converted these alongside the other 1.11 stuff to Mini designs at night, like, literally! XD

Anyways, so for those who don't know (like me 2 days ago XD ) the Llama mob is going to behave in a really unique way, but can be helpful too. Basically, It's like a less useful donkey XD. You can have chests on it, but every llama has a random amount of slots, depending on how much it can carry, from 1 to 15. You can dress them up with carpets - each carpet on the llama looks like a different clothing (the best one is the dark grey carpet, you have to check it out! ). Also they spit. Yes, you've read it right. They spit. At everyone.

So here is the Wiki page for the Llama:

And the Mojang article about 1.11:

Also I have to thank :

I hope you enjoyed these little guys here and, as always - Have a nice day! =D



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