Pose Mini Evoker and Vindicator [MC 1.11]

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Hey everyone!

As you know well, I'm Scrillrock and I'm proud to present you the revolutionary PoseMinis!

The PoseMini is a Mini character that can rotate its arms forwards, upwards and downwards like a player or like a villager! =D These guys were my test mice for this idea of mine and they did their job very well! =D


  1. Fold and glue everything on the body of the PoseMini but the head cap
  2. Cut a thick line on the red mark for the arms (in the middle of the sides of the PoseMini)
  3. Insert the arms into the holes you did in stage 2
  4. Fold the arms' end (the little space after the curve) downwards (depending on which arm) though the head gap
  5. Glue the head properly
  6. Enjoy! =D

Credit goes to MBPaperProductions' Mini Evoker I used for textures =D



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