Mini Vex [MC 1.11]

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Hey everyone!

As you know well, I'm Scrillrock and here's the Mini Vex!

The Vex a ghost-like creature that Evokers spawn as a part of their attack. They fly and hit you with their sword and slowly start taking damage over time and die themselves. But this doesn't make them easier to deal with - they fly with the speed of a bat and spawn in by groups of 1-4 by the Evoker, who also makes some sorta spikes coming out of the ground, so if you start taking down one of the Vexes, you gotta be careful about them too. There's some Bound variables found somewhere in the game (don't ask me where) that probably limit the Vexes from going too far away from the Evoker that summoned them. Fun fact - When spawned by a spawn egg or through commands Vexes don't take damage by themselves and can go wherever they want with no Bound variables to limit them.

Wiki page:

Also credit goes to Dirthouse Inc. for the regular Vex I used for textures =D

So, I hope you guys enjoyed and - have a nice non-Vex-y papercrafty day! =D



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