Mini Coloured Shulker Boxes [MC 1.11] | All 16 colours | Open/Closed

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Hey everyone!

As you know well, I'm Scrillrock and here are my Mini Shulker Boxes from MC 1.11 !

The Shulker Boxes are like backpacks that allow you to carry more stuff in them in your invertory and use it like a chest when placed in the world, and use the items you've put into it. You have to defeat at least two Shulkers at the End City region of the End dimension after defeating the Ender Dragon and gather two shulker shells and craft them with a chest to get one of those boxes, which you can color in any color you want using any of the 16 dyes available! =D

Hint: You can print two of the same Open state boxes and use one of them as an inside of the first box =D

Whiki page:

Credit goes to ODF and his regular size Shulker Boxes that I used as a base for these =D

IMPORTANT: I have NOT used NBPaperProductions' Mini Shulker Boxes for these ones, I've made them several days ago, but just didn't upload them at the right time =D

I hope you guys enjoy these little boxes and, as always, - Have a nice papercrafty day! =D



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