All Llama Carpet Outfits (MC 1.11)

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All Llama Carpet Outfits [MC 1.11] | Regular size | 16 colours

Hello everyone!

This is it...

They.. are ... HERE!

OMG I'm so hyped to present you... The Llama carpet outfits! ALL OF 'EM!!! IN REGULAR SIZE!!!

So, basically the Llamas in MC 1.11 can be equipped with chests and carpets from any colour for a cool outfit =D . Each carpet colour results in a different outfit, and that's what made the making of these designs that hard XD.

I haven't used any other design for base, only the pure game textures. =D

If you want regular size real carpets, check out these ones, made by Aninha1112 :

If you want regular size Llamas for these clothes, check out these by ODF :

Or use these by Derpysquidman50 instead :

And here's the Llama wiki page:

I really hope you enjoy these guys, I've been working so hard on them and I would really appreciate it if you spread the word and get this design approved! BTW Mini versions of these are coming hopefully next week! ALL ABOARD DEH LLAMA HYPE TRAIN! XD XD XD As always - have a nice Llama papercrafty day! =D



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