Concussion Rifle (Halo 4)

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The Concussion Rifle is a weapon from Halo 4 that fires bolts of super-heated plasma, which explodes when it hits a surface. The weapon feeds ammo from a drum magazine. The plasma explosion releases concussive energy which will knock objects a short distance. The weapon is similar in effect to the M319 Individual Grenade Launcher. It is also similar to the Brute Shot, except in the fact that gravity arcs the Concussion Rifle's projectile, similar to the Fuel Rod Cannon. The Concussion Rifle is useful in attacking land vehicles such as Warthogs, Mongooses, and Ghosts. The magazine can be emptied very rapidly, and can even knock lighter vehicles through the air, resulting in players being thrown out. The plasma from the Concussion Rifle can sometimes even be used to deflect a Wraith's blast. The Concussion Rifle is good at disorienting enemies, as they are sent into the air. This can be useful in killing powerful enemies such as Hunters, as a single blast can send them flying off a map, killing them instantly. However, the Concussion Rifle does not do very much damage to enemies if a direct hit is not scored. I decided to make a design of the concussion rifle as it is my favorite weapon from Halo 4. Hope you like it. Refer to the pictures for how to put it together.

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