Mini Illusioner (1.12)

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"Illusioners are hostile mobs. They are one of the three Illagers, which are offshoot villagers – the others being the vindicator and the evoker." - Minecraft Wiki

Papercraft: Mini Illusioner with folded arms, sticking out arms, and 3D nose

Difficulty: Easy

Papercrafting: 5-20 minutes depending on papercrafter's skill

Search Terms: Villager, illager, new, 1.12, snapshot, evil, monster, illusion, magic, 17w16a, mini

Contact: Comment below and I'll get back to you within a few hours

Tips: "1" and "2" go on the sides of the body, so the arm makes a cup shape to hold items. Or, the rectangle under the "arms out" is supposed to be attached on the congruent texture located on the side of the body.

Approval or bust.



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