Plain Biome (Shoe Box Design)

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Do not glue the grass onto the floor. Shoe box designs are normal paper craft, that could be stored in shoe boxes. They are whole dioramas that could fold, or taken apart and be stored away in a box. I picked shoe box because they are so common. This could be useful for people who don't have enough space to display their papercraft, and this makes a portable diorama. This diorama contains a house, a small grass landscape, and a few mobs.Print your minecraft charachter along with it too. Use the pictuers for reference.The furnace, sheep, and creeper designs are my designs, so that if you don't like my designs, you could print other designs. Don't glue the roof to it so that you could take it away and move it. Credit to arnevanhuffel, for the grass and wooden pillar, pica559 for the bed, boe6oed7nty for the chest, painting, and torch, and lostminer for the crafting table.



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